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Flight Watchdog

Attract customers to your website. Sell more air tickets.

Let travelers ask your online booking tool to keep an eye on prices of tickets they're interested in.


Innovative approach to online sales of air tickets

Flight Watchdog is a brand new type of service in our portfolio. Many travelers visiting your website are not ready to buy the air ticket right away. They're happy to wait for a lower price. But most probably they won't call your office every day to ask about it. Thanks to Flight Watchdog, they can let your OBT keep an eye on the price for them, and they'll automatically receive email updates on any price changes.

It can't be more simple

Travelers come to your website, they search for tickets they're interested in, and by simply entering their email address to a pop-up window, they activate the price tracking.

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What information will they receive?

Perhaps most importantly, they'll get a notification, if the ticket price drops. Flight Watchdog lets your clients know, if the original price they wanted to track gets lower.

Besides that, they'll receive once a day an email with a graph clearly showing the price development. They will either see that the price is steadily growing and it doesn't seem it should drop anytime soon – it can motivate them to buy the ticket sooner than it exceeds their budget. On the other hand, if they can see the price has considerably decreased, they'll gladly buy the ticket before the price starts increasing again.

An email everyone likes to "read"

The graph is updated with the current price every day. Your clients have two choices: 1. to click the Book button and return to your website to finish the booking, or 2. click the Cancel button and deactivate tracking of that ticket price.


Under the graph, travelers can also choose from alternative offers that have been searched and purchased by others. The source of data for these offers is Travelport eStreaming, in other words big data from Travelport GDS. Flight Watchdog tries to find similar fresh offers based on the client's original search and for a similar number of days. The travel dates may not be precisely the same, but if a destination for the right price peaks their interest, travelers are willing to amend their plans.


As an add-on to your GOL IBE...

On the page with search results, Flight Watchdog shows a pop-up window which displays the currently lowest found price and it offers to your clients that it will keep an eye on the price for them and track its further development (and the desired drop).

... or as an API for your own OBT

If you don't use our GOL IBE to sell air tickets online, you can still enrich your own online booking tool with the Flight Watchdog functionality thanks to its API. Take a look at the documentation.

Flight Watchdog API functions in a nutshell:

  • Create – create a watcher

  • Count – the number of watchers per one email address

  • Count All – the total number of watchers

  • Detail – return all details on flights tracked for the email address

  • Delete – delete a watcher

  • Notification – notification in case the tracked price drops under a defined threshold

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Find out what your clients look for

Flight Watchdog has another invaluable benefit for your travel business. You have access to statistics on price trackers activated by travelers on your website. This way you'll know what itineraries they're interested in. How you're going to apply that information in your marketing is up to your business imagination.


Flight Watchdog

Increase your chance to sell more tickets.

* Charged yearly. 1-month free trial available.

For GOL IBE users

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