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Flight Watchdog

Engage Travelers. Boost Sales. Let your booking tool track fares they're keen on.

They show interest, you keep them updated.


Elevate Ticket Sales

With Flight Watchdog, visitors can wait for the right price. They set it, forget it, and we'll notify them of price changes. A modern touch to your offerings.

Streamlined Simplicity

Visitors explore tickets on your site. With just an email entry, they're set to track price changes.

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What's in the Update?

First and foremost, they're alerted when the ticket price drops. Flight Watchdog ensures your clients are informed when their tracked fare becomes more affordable.

Additionally, a daily email provides a clear graph of price trends. This visual cue might prompt them to purchase if prices rise steadily or seize a deal when there's a notable drop.

Emails Worth Opening

Every day, the graph refreshes with the latest price. Clients can:

  1. Click 'Book' to finalize their booking on your site.

  2. Tap 'Cancel' to stop tracking that fare.

Below the graph, they'll see trending offers others have explored and booked. These suggestions come from Travelport eStreaming—essentially, insights from Travelport GDS. Flight Watchdog offers fresh, similar deals based on the initial search. Dates might vary, but a great destination at the right price can inspire a change in plans.


A Boost to Your GOL IBE...

When search results appear, Flight Watchdog presents a pop-up. It showcases the lowest price found and offers to monitor the fare for any changes, especially those desired price drops.

... or Elevate Your Own OBT with Our API

Even without our GOL IBE, you can enhance your online booking tool with Flight Watchdog's features using its API. Dive into the documentation for details.

Quick overview of Flight Watchdog API functions:

  • Create: Set up a watcher.

  • Count: See how many watchers are linked to an email.

  • Count All: Total watcher count.

  • Detail: Get full details on flights monitored for an email.

  • Delete: Remove a watcher.

  • Notification: Alerts when a tracked price goes below a set limit.

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Discover Your Clients' Desires

Flight Watchdog offers more than just price tracking. It gives you insights into what travelers on your website are truly seeking. By understanding their itinerary interests, you unlock new marketing opportunities. How you leverage this knowledge? That's where your creativity shines.


Flight Watchdog
Engage travelers. Boost sales.

* Charged yearly. 1-month free trial available.

For GOL IBE users

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