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eStreaming API

Cached shopping & big data for your online booking engine, and app development.

The ultimate and affordable data source for OTAs, tour operators and developers.



What is it?

eStreaming API is a fully managed solution that processes, stores and distributes Travelport eStreaming data among users with a very simple and easy to use JSON API. The idea behind eStreaming API is to share the cost of IT infrastructure amongst all users and make the big data much more affordable for you.


Is it for you?

  • Are you an OTA (online travel agency), tour operator or developer?

  • Do you need a lot of data for analysis and as a source for searching flight connections?

  • Do you require fast data availability without the need for your own computing power?

  • Do you want to create promotions? Are you interested in the development of prices based on markets and destinations?

If your answer to one or more of the above questions is YES, then wait no longer and contact us today to start with the free plan. That's right, you've heard it. You can start for free.

Why eStreaming API?

  • Significant decrease of L2B fees.

  • Immediate results for META.

  • Easy & simple API to access the data.

  • Accessible to agencies of any size (and any base GDS).

  • Smart data processing.

  • Data mining functionality.

  • Any type of flex-like searches over cached data.

  • Data is available to you in 500 milliseconds after it has appeared in Travelport eStreaming.

  • Blazing fast API querying (less than a second).

How does it work?

We process a huge amount of online data from any market and store them in a data warehouse. Our strong AWS (Amazon Web Services) back-end is ready to maintain literally any number of simultaneous requests from users without any drop in response time. You can take advantage of this data thanks to our open API.

Really BIG data

And when we say BIG, we mean it. We currently process for you more than 0.5 petabytes of data every 3 months, or 10,000,000,000 pricing options daily.

The daily amount of processed eStreaming API data is roughly equivalent to the storage of 10 most expensive Apple MacBook Pros available today.

What's in it?

Cache API

  • Cached Shopping API
    Shopping results based on the basic air shopping options plus the market. This API offers a replacement for any "home-made" caches without the necessity to handle a vast amount of data that Travelport eStreaming generates.

  • Fly From-To API
    Gives you a possibility to find the cheapest options within the departure date range and desirable stay days.

  • Fly From API
    An interface to ask for the currently lowest prices for all destinations from a particular city/airport. The result is the lowest found price for each destination.

  • Historical API
    For those of you who would like to analyze pricing or do some market research, we can extract details on how a price for any particular destination for particular flight dates was changing during a requested period.

  • +/-3 Days API
    Sends back the cheapest option for days surrounding the selected date.


  • Hot deal callback
    Once we have traced an unusual price drop for a certain destination, in a few milliseconds the system calls back to you with all the details. You can then use this information in your online ads, special offers or mailing campaigns to the passengers who have recently searched this destination.

  • Hot weekends
    Every day the system sends data about destinations with the lowest price drops (compared to the previous 30 days) for this & next weekend flights.


  • Low fare carriers report
    The report contains information about the frequency of providing the lowest possible fare per each plating carrier (in percentage) by selected markets. This report also shows how the position in the chart has changed compared to the previous reporting period.

  • Top search requests
    The report contains information about top requested destinations by market. It indicates the average lowest fare, the minimum lowest fare for connected & direct flights. It also shows how the position in the chart has changed compared to the previous reporting period.

  • On demand data analytics
    Any deep data discovery on demand, for example “which markets usually offer the lowest fare for this list of destinations?”.

Not yet convinced?

  • You don't need a strong understanding of big data programming approach.

  • You don't need to redundantly store vast amount of data.

  • You don't need to organize fast search over stored data.

  • You don't need to create a back-end from to process the data from the scratch.

  • You don't need to create an API to access the data.

  • You don't need to handle endless stream of information.

  • Much, much cheaper in comparison to alternative solutions.

eStreaming App

eStreaming App


Do you seek cheap flights for your customers? Would you like to experience first hand what kind of data you can get from eStreaming API? Start using our eStreaming App today, absolutely free of charge.

You can access the online application here:

All you'll need is a free authorization token that you'll receive after submitting the eStreaming API registration form (after clicking, scroll all the way down).

See how it works:


We'd like to highlight the flexible and convenient operative conditions, the possibility, where necessary and depending on the needs and workload, to alter the quantity of required RPSs, and the possibility to use the data obtained from both the local and many other markets. All this allows us to analyze a large volume of data and build an internal logic. eStreaming API functions quickly and there has been no difficulty obtaining the data promptly during the time of its use. It has turned out to be very useful to us. It meets the claimed requirements and helps us fulfill the internal tasks of our project.

- Irina Feschuk 

Deputy Director at

SP Systems LLC (DimeToGo)

Get it


  • No up front fee.

  • No minimum fee.

  • Pay as you go (per RPS = Request Per Second).

Fair pricing

Any charges are multiplied by the effective request coefficient.


S-number of successful transactions

T-total number of requests

After clicking, scroll all the way down for the registration form.

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