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eStreaming API

Leveraging Cached Shopping & Big Data.
This is the ultimate, cost-effective data resource for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), tour operators, and app developers. Enhance your online booking engine and app development with powerful cached shopping and big data solutions.

What is eStreaming API?

eStreaming API is a comprehensive solution designed to process, store, and distribute Travelport eStreaming data. It offers users a straightforward and user-friendly JSON API interface.

The core concept of eStreaming API is to distribute the cost of IT infrastructure among all its users, making access to big data more affordable and accessible. This approach helps in leveraging large-scale data without the need for significant individual investment in IT infrastructure.

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Is eStreaming API Right For You?

  • Are you part of an Online Travel Agency (OTA), a tour operator, or a developer?

  • Do you need extensive data for analysis and finding flight connections?

  • Are you looking for quick data access without the burden of having your own computational resources?

  • Interested in creating promotional offers or tracking price trends across various markets and destinations?

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then eStreaming API is definitely for you. Don't hesitate – get in touch with us today to begin with our free plan. Yes, you read that correctly – you can start absolutely free!

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Advantages of eStreaming API

  • Significant decrease of L2B fees.

  • Provides instant results for META searches.

  • Offers a straightforward and easy-to-use API for data access.

  • Suitable for agencies of any size, regardless of their base GDS.

  • Implements intelligent data processing techniques.

  • Includes data mining capabilities.

  • Allows for flexible searches over cached data.

  • Ensures data is at your fingertips within 500 milliseconds of appearing in Travelport eStreaming.

  • Features incredibly fast API query responses (under one second).

How does it work?

We handle a vast amount of online data from various markets and securely store them in a data warehouse.

Our robust AWS (Amazon Web Services) back-end is designed to handle any number of user requests simultaneously, ensuring no drop in response time.

You can access and leverage this extensive data pool through our open API, making it a valuable resource for your operations.

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Massive Data Scale

When we talk about BIG data, it's genuinely massive. We're currently processing over 0.5 petabytes of data every three months for our users, which translates to about 10 billion pricing options each day.

Our use of AWS (Amazon Web Services) has made processing e-streaming data four times more efficient compared to traditional on-premises infrastructure. So, when you opt for our eStreaming solutions, rest assured you're backed by robust technology and a powerful partner.

What's Included in eStreaming API? Here's a Breakdown:

Cache APIs

  • Cached Shopping API

       This replaces any self-made caches, offering shopping results based on air shopping options and market,                   without needing to manage the large data volume produced by Travelport eStreaming.

  • Fly From-To API

       Find the cheapest options within a specified departure date range and desired stay duration.

  • Fly From API

       This interface lets you find the lowest prices for all destinations from a specific city or airport, showing the                  lowest price found for each destination.

  • Historical API

       Ideal for those looking to analyze pricing trends or conduct market research, it extracts details on how prices             for specific destinations and flight dates have changed over a requested period.

  • +/-3 Days API

        Provides the cheapest options for dates around your selected travel date.


  • Hot Deal Callback

       When a significant price drop is detected for a destination, the system immediately alerts you with all details,           useful for online ads, special offers, or email campaigns for passengers interested in that destination.

  • Hot Weekends

       Daily data about destinations with significant price drops (compared to the last 30 days) for flights this and               next weekend.


  • Low Fare Carriers Report

       Shows the frequency of each plating carrier providing the lowest fare, by selected markets, and compares                 position changes from the previous period.

  • Top Search Requests

       Contains data on top-requested destinations by market, with average and minimum lowest fares for                           connected and direct flights, and positional changes from the previous period.

  • On-Demand Data Analytics

       Deep data exploration based on specific queries, like identifying markets usually offering the lowest fares for a         list of destinations.

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Still Unsure?

  • No need for advanced knowledge in big data programming.

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of storing huge amounts of data.

  • Skip the complexity of organizing rapid searches through your data.​

  • Avoid the task of building a back-end system to process data from scratch.

  • Eliminate the need to develop an API for data access.​

  • Free yourself from managing a constant influx of information.​

  • Enjoy significant cost savings compared to other alternatives.

eStreaming App Introduction

If you're in the business of finding budget-friendly flights for your clients, why not see for yourself the kind of data eStreaming API can provide? Begin using our eStreaming App today, and it's completely free.

Access the online application here: Travel Cloud Pro

Also, check out our video to understand how it all works and to see the app in action.


We'd like to highlight the flexible and convenient operative conditions, the possibility, where necessary and depending on the needs and workload, to alter the quantity of required RPSs, and the possibility to use the data obtained from both the local and many other markets. All this allows us to analyze a large volume of data and build an internal logic. eStreaming API functions quickly and there has been no difficulty obtaining the data promptly during the time of its use. It has turned out to be very useful to us. It meets the claimed requirements and helps us fulfill the internal tasks of our project.

- Irina Feschuk, Deputy Director at SP Systems LLC (DimeToGo)


  • Please contact us for tailored pricing options that best fit your needs.

eStreaming API
Access extensive cached data for enhancing your online booking engine and app development.

Free API credentials


Getting Your Free API Credentials in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. If you haven't already, sign up at 

  2. Create an Organisation (if you don't have an organisation there yet).

  3. In the menu, click on Organisation Settings and click on Generate new API token.

This process enables you to copy the API token and download the Postman collection, which includes all the Cache methods you'll need.

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