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Commission Manager API

Manage your airline commissions in one place and add them to PNRs. No more ADMs, no more lost revenue.

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What is it?

Commission Manager API is a universal programming tool that allows you to add the Commission Manager feature to your application. If you're introducing automated e-ticketing to your booking engine or other apps, you need to solve commissions. Instead of programming the module, you use our API to save time and money.

Is it for you?

Are you an OTA or TMC and you have programmers on your team? Or are you a developer?

If you're developing your own online booking tool or other travel related apps, and you want to automate calculation of your commissions, look no further. Just define your rules, and Commission Manager API will take care of the rest. You not only save time and cost of the development, but you'll avoid ADMs and lost revenue.

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Why Commission Manager API?

  • Major time/money saver.

  • No human errors, no ADMs.

  • No lost revenue.

  • Automated calculation of commissions.

What can you build with Commission Manager API?

You might be wondering what can this API actually help you achieve. To give you a bit of an inspiration, we used it to build Commission Manager.




Student Agency

One of the most prominent OTAs in the Czech Republic decided to use Commission Manager API for their online booking engine.


We took advantage of this functionality and implemented it in our online booking tool GOL IBE. Its users can thus easily define rules for their airline commissions, and GOL IBE then calculates them automatically when passengers book tickets on the agency's website.





Commission Manager API

All your airline commissions in one place.

No more ADMs, no more lost revenue.

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