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Commission Manager API

Streamline airline commission management in a single system and integrate them directly into PNRs, eliminating ADMs and preventing revenue loss.

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What is Commission Manager API?

The Commission Manager API is a versatile programming tool designed to integrate the Commission Manager feature into your application. It's particularly useful if you're implementing automated e-ticketing in your booking engine or other applications and need to handle commissions. By using this API, you can avoid the complexity and resource expenditure of developing your own commission module from scratch. This approach saves both time and money, offering a streamlined solution for managing commissions effectively.

Is This Right for You?

Are you an Online Travel Agency (OTA) or a Travel Management Company (TMC) with a programming team? Or perhaps you're a developer yourself?

If you're in the process of building your own online booking tool or other travel-related applications and aim to streamline the commission calculation process, this is exactly what you need.

Simply set your rules, and the Commission Manager API will handle everything else. This not only saves you time and development costs but also helps you avoid ADMs and lost revenue, making your operations more efficient and profitable.

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Benefits of Commission Manager API

  • Significant Savings: Saves both time and money in your operations.

  • Error-Free: Eliminates human errors, reducing the risk of ADMs

  • Revenue Protection: Ensures no revenue is lost due to miscalculations or oversights.

  • Automated Commission Calculations: Streamlines the process of calculating commissions, making it efficient and reliable.

Building Possibilities with Commission Manager API

If you're considering the potential applications of Commission Manager API, think about its capability to transform how you handle commissions. For example, we utilized this API to develop Commission Manager, a tool that automates and simplifies the entire process of calculating and managing commissions.




Student Agency

Student Agency, a leading Online Travel Agency in the Czech Republic, has chosen to integrate Commission Manager API into their online booking engine. This decision by a prominent player in the travel industry underscores the value and effectiveness of the API in enhancing and streamlining their commission management process.


We leveraged the capabilities of Commission Manager API by incorporating it into our online booking tool, GOL IBE. This integration allows users of GOL IBE to effortlessly set up their own rules for airline commissions. Consequently, when passengers book tickets through the agency's website, GOL IBE automatically calculates these commissions, simplifying the process and ensuring accuracy in commission handling.





Commission Manager API 
Keep all your airline commissions organized in one spot. Say goodbye to ADMs and missed earnings.

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