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Commission Manager

Manage your airline commissions in one place and add them to PNRs with one click.

No more ADMs, no more lost revenue.


Always correct commissions

Airline commissions are more and more complex. They're often defined for specific RBDs and have other special parameters, so a lot of mistakes can happen when it comes to their application. Leave it up to Commission Manager and you can be sure that the applied commission is always going to be correct.

No complex commission will take you by surprise

It may happen that your agents don't even apply more complex commissions because they're so busy that there's just not enough time. But these more complex commissions are financially often most interesting, and you lose your money. With Commission Manager, this won't be happening anymore. Your agents will also be more relaxed. Your clients will appreciate that, and they'll gladly recommend your services and will come back.

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Invaluable time saving

Commission Manager equals a considerable amount of saved time. To have the commissions stored somewhere, to search through them, to apply them – that takes a lot of time. This way, your agents just easily click a button right in their Smartpoint, the correct commission is calculated and it is stored into the booking.

Without Commission Manager, ...

What does a usual situation in travel agencies look like? Imagine an office full of agents where each of them has the commissions saved in various Excel sheets or written down on pieces of papers. At best, the agency uses shared documents that can be opened by any agent who can find out which commission to apply.

Sometimes, the agency even has a another responsible person who goes through bookings and checks whether commissions are applied correctly. That of course means extra cost for you.

Last but not least, you may use your own online booking tool. If you enable automated e-ticketing, you need commissions to be applied automatically. Normally, you'd need another person who imports commissions to your OBT's admin console.

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... and with Commission Manager

Commission Manager takes care of all this. Imagine there's a single place where you easily set up the commissions. A simple form that can be handled by a single person on your team who's responsible for collecting details on your commissions from airlines and who enters them to the application.

As a result, your agents don't need to look for the commissions anywhere – they will appear automatically right in their Smartpoint in bookings they're about to e-ticket. They save a huge amount of time and eliminate possible mistakes.

Commissions set up this way are automatically applied for the settings of your online booking tool or any other system that you use. As a result, your commissions are the same everywhere, they're applied correctly, and even in case of more complex commissions, you don't need to think how to apply them.

What does Commission Manager offer?

Admin console to set up commissions

We'll help you set up your airline commissions in the admin console of Commission Manager. You can leave the settings without any changes, or it can be edited by someone on your team who already has enough skills and knowledge.

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A Smartpoint plugin

When the agent wants to issue an e-ticket, the plugin lets them click one of two buttons right in Travelport Smartpoint. The CMCalc button automatically calculates the commission for the specific booking. The CMStore button not only calculates the commission but it stores it directly to the Fare Quote mask of the specific booking. So, the only thing your agents need to do is to click a button.

Commission Manager API

There's also an API (or a programming interface) available. It allows you to add this functionality to your own online booking tool or to another system that you've developed in-house. You can enrich any other system with the functionality to automatically calculate your airline commissions. Take a look at the documentation.

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Watch a demo

Are you sure your team handles airline commissions as efficiently as possible? Are you sure you don't receive unnecessary ADMs, or lose revenue?


See a demo to find out how Commission Manager can take care of all this for you.


* 1-month free trial available.

Commission Manager

All your airline commissions in one place.

No more ADMs, no more lost revenue.

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