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Commission Manager

Handle all your airline commissions in one spot and easily add them to PNRs with a single click.

Say goodbye to ADMs and missing out on earnings.


Get your commissions right every time.

Airline commissions are getting trickier with all their specifics for certain RBDs and other unique requirements, making it easy to slip up when applying them. Let Commission Manager handle it, and you can rest easy knowing the commission applied will always be spot on.

Don't be caught off guard by tricky commissions.

Sometimes, your agents might skip applying complex commissions because they're swamped and just don't have the time. But it's these tricky commissions that can bring in the most money, and missing out on them means losing cash. With Commission Manager, that's no longer an issue. Your agents will be less stressed, your clients will notice and like it, and they'll be more likely to recommend your services and come back for more.

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Huge time-saver

Commission Manager means saving a ton of time. Keeping track of commissions, digging through them, and applying them – it's all time-consuming. With this, your agents just need to click a button in their Smartpoint, and voila! The right commission gets calculated and added to the booking.

Without Commission Manager, ...

What's the normal scene like at travel agencies? Picture an office packed with agents, each using their own Excel sheets or notes on paper for tracking commissions. At best, the agency might use shared documents that any agent can open to figure out the right commission to apply.

Often, there's even a person in charge of reviewing bookings to make sure commissions are correctly applied, which of course adds extra costs for you.

And if you're using your own online booking tool with automated e-ticketing, you need those commissions applied automatically. Typically, you'd need another staff member to input commissions into your OBT's admin panel.

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... and with Commission Manager

Commission Manager streamlines everything. Picture a single spot where setting up commissions is a breeze. A straightforward form that just one team member can manage, gathering commission details from airlines and entering them into the application.

This means your agents won't have to hunt for commissions – they'll pop up automatically right in their Smartpoint within the bookings they're working on for e-ticketing. They'll save a huge chunk of time and reduce the chance of errors.

Commissions set up like this get automatically applied in your online booking tool or any other system you're using. This ensures consistency across all platforms, correct application of commissions, and even with complex commissions, you won't have to worry about how to apply them.

What can you get with Commission Manager?

Setting up commissions in the admin console

We'll guide you through setting up your airline commissions in the Commission Manager's admin console. You can keep the settings as they are, or have someone from your team who's got the know-how tweak them as needed.

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A Smartpoint plugin

When your agent is ready to issue an e-ticket, this plugin in Travelport Smartpoint makes it super easy. They just have to click one of two buttons. The CMCalc button quickly works out the commission for that particular booking. The CMStore button does more – it calculates the commission and then adds it straight into the Fare Quote section of the booking. So, all your agents need to do is click a button, and they're done.

Commission Manager API

You've got access to an API (a programming interface), too. This lets you integrate this cool feature into your own online booking tool or any other system you've whipped up in-house. You can add the ability to auto-calculate airline commissions to pretty much any system. Check out the documentation for more info.

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Dive into Our Demo

Wondering if your team is handling airline commissions the best way possible? Want to make sure you're not getting hit with unnecessary ADMs or missing out on revenue?

Watch a demo to see how Commission Manager can make all these worries go away for you.


* Try it out with a 1-month free trial.

Commission Manager
Keep all your airline commissions in one spot. Say goodbye to ADMs and missing out on earnings.

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