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CEE Repricer

Squeeze more money from existing bookings.

A simple idea, plenty of saved money

CEE Repricer finds better fares for existing bookings. It reliably and continually reprices the PNRs, and you not only earn extra money, but you don't need to take care of it.


Works exactly as you need

You decide for which bookings CEE Repricer should try to find cheaper prices. You set the relevant level of difference between the original fare quote and the new one. CEE Repricer informs you about any savings by email or instantly reprices the bookings.

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Features in a nutshell

CEE Repricer searches for lower prices, reprices existing PNRs several times a day and sends them to designated Queues.

You decide whether the PNR should be repriced automatically, or whether CEE Repricer just enters a remark about an available cheaper fare.

You define the threshold of when the cost savings are interesting enough.

CEE Repricer sends regular reports with statistics about its run to your agency supervisors.

You can customize the repricing process to fully meet your travel agency’s needs.

What's in it for you?

  • Repricing of bookings equals extra money for you.

  • Save significant costs.

  • Get optimized PNR fare quotations.

  • High level of customization.

  • Automatic PNR rebooking.

  • Notifications issued to the PNR.

  • Email reports about optimized fares.

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Single PCC*

* In case you need to use CEE Repricer just for one PCC, or bookings from your other PCCs are sent to a mother PCC where they are processed by CEE Repricer.

​Multiple PCCs**

CEE Repricer

Squeeze more money from existing bookings.

** In case you need to use CEE Repricer for multiple PCCs.

1-month free trial available.

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