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GalileoTerminal 3.3 with GTIR auto-upload


GalileoTerminal 3.3 with GTIR auto-upload


Dear GT users,

even in the middle of the summer holidays our developers work very hard on more than 10 very nice enhancements that will be delivered during an early autumn. In the mean time, please allow us to introduce to you one enhancement that has been launched recently.
We built the support for automatic upload of the GTIR file. Every agent can now specify, if the GTIR file - that is created when ticket is issued via GT - is uploaded to the agency's FTP server automatically.
Please see below the part of the updated product documentation:

Auto-upload of the GTIR file

GTIR settings can be open from the green menu items either via GTIR -> GTIR upload settings button or via My profile -> GTIR item.

Following table with GTIR auto-upload settings is displayed. GTIR automatic upload check box controls if GTIR is uploaded automatically after TKP transaction or not. If this box is checked, proper values of the FTP server of the agency have to be entered into the value fields.


The complete document can be downloaded from http://www.cee-systems.com/provisioning-support
We hope that you will find this new GT feature useful. And please remember that your feedback is always welcomed.

With kind regards
GT Team